Shirley Temple Sings ”When I Grow Up” In A Vintage Performance From 1935


Shirley Temple is one of America’s most favorite and beloved performers of all time. In the incredibly nostalgic video below, watch Shirley age from a little girl to an old woman right before your very eyes as she performs When I Grow Up from the 1935 film “Curley Top.” She sings, she dances, she taps, she acts and she jumps rope – and all at the same time!

Shirley Jane Temple was born in 1928. The actress, singer and dancer began her film career at the age of three. By 1934, Shirley had skyrocketed to superstardom in “Bright Eyes,” a movie written specifically to display her many talents. One of the reasons Shirley was so revered was because she was truly a light that shone during such a dark time in the United States. In an overview of The Little Girl Who Fought The Great Depression, the author writes, “Amid the deprivation and despair of the Great Depression, Shirley Temple radiated optimism and plucky good cheer that lifted the spirits of millions and shaped their collective character for generations to come.”

Shirley Temple retired from films in 1950 at the age of 22. She died in 2014 at the age of 86. Help us remember this legend and please SHARE her amazing performance with your friends on Facebook!



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