The Shocking Difference Between How The Poor And The Rich Treat A Blind Person


What’s more important to you: money or morals?

While you might think the answer is easy, that can quickly change when you come face to face with an issue that puts you to the test. I’m a big believer in karma, so I don’t like to press my luck with these things. However, it’s hard not to wonder if that diamond ring you returned will actually get back to the rightful owner, or if the homeless person you gave money to on the street really needs it more than others.

We’ve seen a lot of interesting social experiments here at LittleThings that put unsuspecting regular people to the test. These aren’t always a great indicator of how our society is in general, but they are always pretty shocking. In the following video, YouTube personality Johal, the man behind this “lost kid” social experiment, poses as a blind man who needs help reading his winning lottery ticket.

Of course the big winning ticket isn’t real, but the difference in reactions after asking people from an upper-class neighborhood and asking homeless people in a poor community  is pretty upsetting.

In the end, I’m happy Johal was able to help out his honest, homeless new friends. Hopefully, this video will help inspire some normally stingy wealthy people to give a little more back to those in need.

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