Shy Man Takes The Stage On X-Factor And Wows Judges


Nervousness is practically unavoidable to most people when the time comes to get on the stage. But it’s also said that those who do not feel any stage fright are simply not invested enough in their work. One performance in particular proved that hypothesis a few years ago.

When Christopher Maloney came on stage at the X Factor UK auditions, he was experiencing some severe nervous tremors. Aged 34 during his turn on the British show in 2012, Maloney reveals in the extended version of the video below that it took five years for him to gather the courage to send the sign up sheet, which he would always tear up and throw away at the last minute. This time, he finally did it, encouraged by his grandmother.

When Maloney’s grandfather passed, he moved in with Pat, his “nan,” in order to take care of her. She became his biggest fan and the reason why he finally auditioned, as he explains in the full video. Maloney dedicated this moment to his grandfather by choosing to cover the song that played at his funeral, Bette Midler’s “The Rose.” After several disquieting seconds where it seems like the contestant is going to be completely incapable of singing in public, he finally sheds his nerves long enough to express himself in song.

His remarkable voice is welcomed with open arms by the judges, who unanimously move him on to the next round of auditions. Maloney will end up going all the way to the season’s finals, where he will finish in third place, as reported by HELLO! Magazine, after performing “What A Feeling” by Irene Cara. He will go on to open a performing school in Liverpool in 2014, according to International Business Times.



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