Siahna Im Sings “Fever” And Stuns The Judges On ‘The Voice’


When Siahna Im got onstage in front of the huge studio audience of The Voice, she somehow kept it all together with the knowledge that her performance was going to be viewed by millions of people worldwide.

For most of us that would be one of the most defining moments of our lives, but for the 15-year-old Washington teenager, this is only the beginning. The humble, down-to-Earth, and shy teen was understandably a bit nervous when she first stood in front of the whole world, but when the music began to kick in, she took a breath and madehistory.

Singing Peggy Lee’s famous song “Fever,” this 15-year-old girl is a true example of what it means to have an “old soul.” There’s no real scientific reason or explanation behind it, but sometimes it really seems as if kids and teenagers are simply wise beyond their years; like the 8-year-old singer from England, some kids just have it.

There’s a sense of self-awareness that they seem to have that most children don’t — and when you hear Siahna’s perfect voice, you’ll easily agree that she’s touching a whole different era!

She managed to get over her shyness and wowed The Voice judges; Pharrell, the singer of the mega-hit “Happy,” Gwen Stafani, and Blake Shelton all begged for Siahna to pick them, but our favorite moment was how timid she was when she finally chose! We’re sure we’ll be seeing much more from this teenage wonder in the upcoming weeks!

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