Signs That Are Way More Confusing Than Helpful. WTF?


Signs guide us everywhere. They tell us what’s legal and what’s not legal. Signs help you know where you are going and how to get there. Well, what would happen if, by some freak accident, these signs were suddenly not so helpful anymore? That would make the world a topsy turvy place, wouldn’t it? It certainly would, as you’re about to find out, because you’ve entered… The Weird Signs Zone.

1.) Which is it?

2.) Either one, it doesn’t matter.

3.) I guess I’ll go left?

4.) This isn’t even grammatically sound.

5.) Try not to ram into that.

6.) Makes sense.

7.) Okay, I guess.

8.) That box should be filled with people.

9.) Too late.

10.) Okay, fine, we’ll allow it.

11.) What does the chicken say?

12.) Who are you supporting?

13.) HOW CAN I?!

14.) So… run?

15.) Just never wash this item. Throw it away when you’re done.

16.) Free costs $1.89.

17.) I’ll just use another door.

18.) I live on Montreal.

19.) I’m crossing the street.

20.) Computers are a mystery.

21.) Beat you to it.

22.) I guess I’ll go that way.

23.) Just put up a sign that says “Closed.”

24.) But the sign told me to!

25.) No one better need attention.

26.) Pennies are worthless.

27.) Just shut this street down.

28.) Well, this is a scam.

29.) Don’t worry, I won’t.

30.) This doctor should be fired.

31.) Garbage does not equal trash.

32.) It is what it is.

33.) But… but… it’s 101% uploaded!

The next time you’re walking down the street only to find that it is a one way to a dead end, know that you’ve entered… The Weird Signs Zone. Also, call your local Department of Transportation and please yell at them. No one has time for those signs.



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