A Simple Makeshift Tool Makes Wood Chopping Look Like A Breeze


When it’s cold and dreary out, one of the best ways to cozy up is in front of a fire with a blanket, hot cocoa and a good book. Even in warmer climates, a fireplace is a highly desired feature in a home, increasing its value by an average of $2700. According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, there are approximately 1.2 fireplaces per home in the United States, and fireplace sales and installations amount to a 5 billion dollar industry annually.

Some of these fireplaces are gas burning, but many people prefer the crackling of a real wood fireplace, and even chop their own firewood. Many of the US National Parks allow for individual collection of firewood, though some require a permit. This video below shows how one man splits a log with ease. Whether you chop or purchase wood, this is a fascinating watch. His skills can be appreciated by anyone, and SF Globe hopes that even veteran choppers might get a tip out of it.

For those who purchase firewood, please be sure to only purchase locally cut wood. USDA Animal And Planet Health Inspection Service warns that the transport of firewood is one of the causes of invasive pest introductions.

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