Simple But Splendid Vertical Wall Garden


Do you ever yearn for a lovely outdoor garden, lush with fresh fruits and vegetables, but don’t have the proper space? Maybe your backyard is too small or it doesn’t get enough sunlight. Maybe you don’t have a backyard at all. But fear not, green thumbs. There’s still a way to satisfy your gardening needs.

If you don’t have space for a standard container garden on the ground, it’s time to think outside the box. Aim a bit higher — literally. Vertical gardens not only look great but also don’t require a lot of space, while allowing for some wonderful creativity. All you need is a blank wall or fence to get started.

Before we delve into a relatively easy DIY vertical garden project, it’s worth mentioning the numerous health benefits of gardening. According to CNN, gardening can lower stress levels and may even help fight depression. It’s also been suggested that gardening — at least the physical aspect of it — may reduce your chances of developing dementia. On top of that, it’s no secret that fresh air and sunlight do the body good. So what are you waiting for?

There are a lot of options for constructing a vertical wall garden of your own, some more intricate than others. If you’re looking for something relatively simple, then we have just the video for you. It comes courtesy of Miracle-Gro, “America’s number one gardening brand,” and is hosted by gardening expert Jim Cunneen.

For this project, you’ll need clay pots, a board, some soil and plants of your choosing. You’ll want to split the clay pots clean down the middle (Cunneen uses a grinder with a diamond blade) and then glue the halves onto your board. You can line up however many you want in a row, depending on your wants and wishes — and space. After that’s done, add your soil and plants. Screw your vertical garden into the wall and voila!

Some vertical garden systems require complex irrigation, another reason why we like the one below. It’s easy enough to maintain and will only need the occasional hand watering, but that’ll depend on what plants you put in the pots.

Check out the video below and let us know if you’ve considered converting to vertical gardening.



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