Single Dad Gets Movie Star Makeover On Rachel Ray Show


Bret is a single dad who has not cut his hair in four years. The father has been dealing with a divorce and raising his two little girls on his own. In all the big changes and new responsibilities, his appearance kind of fell to the wayside. His mother wasn’t too pleased with Bret’s long rock and roll hair, so she decided to write into the Rachel Ray Show to give her son a makeover.

Watch as Bret’s two daughters, Samantha and Madison, snip off inches of hair. Then take a look at his dramatic makeover. The dad hopes that his new look will help him as begins to start dating again and like Rachel, we have a feeling that’s not going to be too difficult with his new look. The audience completely screams.

“You seriously look like a movie star, I can’t even look at you!” Rachel says. While makeovers do tend to focus on the superficial, it’s no secret that when we feel good on the outside we tend to feel better on the inside. When single mother Susan got a smile makeover, it completely transformed her life.

“I feel like a million bucks. If it wasn’t for my mom and if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be feeling this way,” Bret says. Grandma was completely stunned by the transformation.

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