Sleeping Puppy Gets Woken Up by Owner, Her Hilarious Reaction Has The Internet Folding with Laughter


There are two things that shouldn’t mix up: One is allowing your cute little pup some time to have a nice nap, and the other is getting all too notorious in disrupting them from this sweet slumber. Things could turn very vocal quickly. You see, pups don’t like it when you start getting bossy about their sleeping. You want some evidence!

The video here features a perfect compilation of various “bad incidents” where pups get to air their grievances about the unbecoming behavior of their human friends. It starts with a pup taking a nice nap and dozing off into dreamland, and then some cocky human steps in and destroys their little dream world. Who wouldn’t hate that?!

Maybe you should ready yourself for a huge crack up and a few broken ribs, because what’s about to happen in this video is too hilarious to keep the voice down. I’m cracking up like crazy right now. These pups!

Click “play” and witness this crazy hilarity, and if you love it, hit SHARE and put it on Facebook. Great!



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