3-year-old girl meets her baby sister for the first time


New baby is how their other child(ren) will react. Will they be jealous? Will they feel like they’re not receiving enough attention from Mommy and Daddy? It can certainly feel like that at times from a child’s perspective. In reality, a newborn baby requires a lot of extra love and care, and it’s something parents will have to help their other child(ren) accept. Likewise, it’s important that parents try their best to treat their older child and a younger child as equals so that their older child doesn’t feel left out of the family. But fortunately, some kids are easier with the transition than others.

Heather Conley from Pennsylvania didn’t have to worry the day her three-year-old daughter, Molly, met her newborn sister, Cora, for the first time. Right away, Molly fell in love with her little sister. The meeting between the two siblings was so adorable that Heather just had to hit record!

In the video, Molly is holding Cora, who’s swaddled in a floral blanket.

Newsflare, Youtube

First, Molly comments on Cora’s adorable, pink hat before she eventually smoothers her sissy in soft kisses and gives her a friendly hug. Shortly after, Big Sister laughs in excitement before giving the newborn some more hugs and kisses.

Then the cutest part of the clip occurs when Molly has a little conversation with her baby sister: “You just came out of Mom’s belly, I won’t drop you… I won’t let you go anymore.”

“I just got that on video,” Mom whispers, probably thrilled to capture such an adorable moment on camera!

The mom ended up posting the video on her Facebook page with the description, “Molly meeting her little sister Cora for the first time – best friend already! She sat on [the] hospital bed and held her baby sister for the first time and [I] caught on video their first exchange.”

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