Soldier is awarded with a Medal of Honor after jumping on a grenade to save a fellow marine


William Kyle Carpenter is an example of what a true American hero looks like. At the young age of 21, he joined the United States Marines and earned the ran of Lance Corporal.

Later on in 2010, Carpenter was sent to fight in Afghanistan. During one battle, he saw a greande land next to him and a fellow soldier. Without any hesitation, Carpenter jumped onto the grenade to save his friend.

His decision was made in a split second, but truly showed his bravery and strength as he risked his life to save his fellow soldier knowing that he could face imminent death.

As expected, Carpenter suffered from serious injuries due to the grenade exploding on him. His body was full of shrapnel and the bones in his skull and face were shattered. Carpenter sadly even lost part of his jaw and one of his lungs began to collapse.

As he arrived back to Camp Bastion, he was declared as Patient Expired on Arrival which meant that he was more or less dead, but somehow Carpenter was able to survive this horrific event.

It took Carpenter two years consisting of forty different surgeries so that the could recover. He was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama.

Carpenter is now retired from the military, but is studying for a degree at the University of South Carolina.

Watch the video below to find out more about Carpenter’s story:



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