Soldier Returns Home And Surprises Parents In Adorable Way


The holidays are a time to show gratitude for all the positive in your life. It’s a time to enjoy a delicious meal while being surrounded by loved ones.

Unfortunately for many, getting home in time for the holiday isn’t always feasible. That’s the case for tons of servicemen and servicewomen who are deployed overseas protecting the country.

Thankfully, soldier David Galvez was able to make it home for the holidays in 2013, and he decided to surprise his parents with his return.

Just like the soldier who shocked his nurse mom in an unforgettable way, Galvez found a clever way to surprise his parents at their home.

Through their heartwarming reactions, it’s clear that they had no idea their son was going to spend the holiday with them. And it’s such a precious moment to see!

“I can watch these videos all day long! God bless all who serve as well as their families!” one viewer commented on YouTube.

Another wrote, “This was so touching! Thank you for your service and I pray for every soldier returning home. As a mom and wife of a retired Navy man, it is moments like these that help us [through] the tough times.”

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