Soldiers Join Together To Sing Amazing Version Of “Coming Home”


This amazing video is guaranteed to fill you with love, pride, and respect for our nation’s and our allies’ brave soldiers. Singing a beautiful rendition of the song “Coming Home,” the lyrics have special meaning to anyone who has ever known a soldier.

“All those heroes who defend our flag will live on forever / All the heroes , both young and old , that soldier on to unknowns / From across this changing world we live in the hope / That you come back home.”

Not only are these lyrics patriotic and inspiring, but the singing soldiers are all a wonder to listen to as well. In the video we meet three serving soldiers in the British Army proudly standing and sining alongside two US soldiers. Featuring Army Sergeant Richard Scarlett as well as Staff Sergeant Tyrone Basnight, you will easily be taken aback at the raw artistic talent that all of these warriors have.

It’s videos like these that cause us all to reflect on the massive sacrifice that the brave men and women give in order to keep our liberties secure. These soldiers all deserve respect and we can only pray that each and every one of them will get to hear the magical words, “welcome home.”

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