Speedboat helps put out a boat fire


I looked like a move straight out of a James Bond film or something from “The Fast and the Furious” movie series. A stunt too awesome to be done anywhere but Hollywood, except for the fact that it was 100 percent real.

The 2012 venue is a coast in New Zealand, where a boat lies just offshore smoldering in flames and dark black smoke while helpless owners look on in horror, according to a report from KIRO-TV.

Out of nowhere, help arrives in the most unlikely form possible, a speedboat races toward the flaming hulk, then executes a perfect spinning turn at the last moment, using its momentum to send a huge wake of water over the burning vessel, immediately dousing a huge majority of the destructive fire.

Shouts of amazement and joy come from off camera, as the speedboat returns a second, third and fourth time to smother the remaining fire and smoke, turning an out-of-control situation into a manageable one.

The boat’s owner, who took the video, was in awe in her thanks to the speedboat driver. User Traci Pearson took to YouTube to write:

“I knew this was going to end up on youtube, the guys in the jet did an awesome job putting it out and we wouldn’t have recovered it without their quick thinking. They are top guys, didn’t just hang around watching like a lot of other by passers. Thanks to them we salvaged the remains for insurance!”



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