She Stands Motionless On Stage. When She Opens Her Arms And Does This, Whoa


Traditional dances manifest themselves in different forms throughout the world. Often, it takes a lifetime of practice and dedication to master the highly technical maneuvers and subtle motions of these intricate routines. The best of the best are often driven by a passion to express themselves through dance at a very young age. When someone has that drive and it’s mixed with raw talent, one might refer to them as a “natural.”

Anastasia Korobova might be young, but she is most definitely a natural. From her opening sequence where she saunters towards the front of the stage, it’s clear that she understands the nuances of a live dance performance. The crowd is actively engaged from the moment she spreads her arms and begins waving her gown rhythmically to the music. Their clapping gives her all the energy she needs to finish strong.

What’s more impressive is that she starts off her performance with belly dancing, and mid-performance switches her outfit and dance style to the samba. This is no small feat even for classically trained dancers, yet she pulls it off seamlessly.

Both belly dancing and the samba are rooted in deep cultural tradition. It’s thought that belly dancing might trace as far back as 6,000 years, whereas the Samba became popular in Rio de Janeiro in the early 20th century. What did you think of young Anastasia’s dancing?



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