He Starts Playing The Piano. Now Watch The Tiny Puppy At His Feet…


Do you love dogs? Do you love music? Good! Then you will absolutely love this next video. Watch how this amazing poodle-mix puppy reacts to hearing his human play a lovely song on the piano. Every time YouTube user MTMusic002 stops playing the piano, this teeny, tiny puppy starts crying. “Don’t stop, Dad! Keep going!” And every time he gets up from the bench, she hurries behind him, begging him to return to his musical post. I mean, how adorable is this?!
This puppy is definitely a music lover, the way she’s lulled to sleep by Dad’s playing. As long as he’s right there with her and tickling those ivories, she’s one happy little girl.

Thank God he set up a camera and caught this on film. I sense a viral video in his future…

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