She Starts Playing “Uptown Funk”. The Tiny Kitten’s Reaction Is Melting Everyone’s Hearts


If you haven’t heard or danced to the song, “Uptown Fun,” then I don’t know where you live. This song has become so popular that even animals are now moving to it. Yeah, animals!

If you think it’s a bluff, you might need this proof. Here’s Winnie, a cute little kitten that just can’t let the beats of this one good Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s hit pass without a shake, so she sets out to get you all smiling and looking for her. Winnie needs to be adopted.

Winnie is such a dancer, and you can thank her nice foster parents for turning on the camera to capture this incredible moment for us to have a peek. Of course she recognizes when the beat is about to upgrade, so when you hear Bruno burst out “I’m hot” around 0:45, you better prepare for something cool.



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