She Starts Sewing Old Christmas Cards Together. This Is SUCH A Great Idea!


Sewing has never been something I’ve been good at, but this craft is so easy, I really can’t wait to try!

After the holidays pass, we have a lot of things around the house. Old wrapping paper, old decorations, old cookies, and old holiday cards. I always wonder what I should do with my holiday cards. A lot of them are adorable, and I’m not big on throwing things out for no reason. I wanted to figure out a way to recycle them, and I think I’ve finally succeed!

If you have a lot of cards around the house (even cards you meant to send but didn’t), this easy craft lets your recycle them in the cutest way. You can even use this design to upcycle, filling it with candies and goodies for a last minute gift!

I love seeing crafts online that I can actually do – especially crafts that call for things I’ve already got around the house. Keep those ideas flowing, friends!

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