Captain Masterfully Docks A Huge Ship Under Extreme Wind Conditions


A video from the port of Bodo, Norway, circulated the web these days.

The captain of the MS Nordnorge docked the ship like a boss in difficult weather conditions, and the whole event was recorded on camera by observers.

The MS Nordnorge is a 123-meter long ship that made its first launch on July 6, 1996. The crew has 57 members and can carry a total of 1,155 passengers on board.

Storms were raging in Norway these days, with very strong winds. The sea was rough, and the captain of the said ship did his job very well in spite of the difficult weather conditions.

Watch a video from the town of Bodo, Norway, when the captain, together with his team, docked the huge MS Nordnorge ship in the port there.

Source: KlipLand



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