This Stubborn Pup Won’t Come Inside. You Will Laugh Out Loud When You Discover Why!


Though you may consider it otherwise like they did, this little adorable pup exactly knows what he’s doing. After all, they might have misunderstood him!

Whenever the little puppy goes outside, unless someone opens the door for him, he will never come inside no matter the number of attempts put into persuading him to do so. You will have to open for him the door even if it means it’s an imaginary one.  Within this video, his family attempts to call him in severally for 46 seconds without success. But then, you will find it hilarious when you watch what makes him to come in!

Is it that this dog might have run into this sliding door one too many or he might be a victim of poor vision? Whichever the case, this is quite hilarious!

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