Sugru Is A Moldable Glue With Multiple Uses


Dave Hax brings you another video that is bound to make your life a little easier. In this video, he reviews a new product he was asked to test. Sugru, a moldable glue, is as easy to work with as Play-Doh, but dries into a pliable but sturdy adhesive. Created by product designers as a project while getting their Master’s degree, Sugru is a wonderful addition to the adhesive market.

It truly is a wonder product! Both easy and fun to use (its very name is derived from the Irish word for “fun”), it makes glue or tape seem obsolete. Watch the clip as it adheres to anything, from keys to tennis balls to electronic cords. It’s totally moldable as well, so you could create sculptures with it, too! The bright colors help to make it a fun (and mess-free) creative project for kids.

Once out of its adorable packet (it’s separated into color packets that resemble soy sauce), Sugru begins the hardening process. Oxygen is what reacts with Sugru’s properties when it sets – how easy is that? Just make sure you mold it into exactly what you want before it’s totally hardened.

Check out the video below to see the uses Dave Hax finds for it – the possibilities seem endless! We’re ready to buy packs of Sugru for the whole office! Let us know what you think about the product, and share on Facebook if you think your friends will be dying to get their hands on it!



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