Take Your Selfies And Shove ‘Em. Because These 17 Animals Just Totally Nailed It. LOL!


Taking “selfies” (a.k.a., photographs you take of yourself) is a popular trend among children and adults alike. Some are annoyed by it, but most people think of it as a socially acceptable type of picture to post. However, we’re going to see some serious selfie competition on Instagram and Facebook soon…

That’s because animals just learned how to take selfies. (What’s next, balancing checkbooks and giving movies terrible reviews on IMDb?)

Maybe they didn’t mean to take these pictures, but the resulting photographs are still awesome.

(H/T BuzzFeed)

So, don’t just leave your phone lying around. If your cat grabs it, you might just end up with a cat selfie (or a “catsie”) posted to Instagram. You’ve been warned!



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