She takes two heartbroken dogs to the park. but when they see the man in white, everything changes..


When Joshua came back home from Afghanistan where he was deployed as an army, he had nightmares and PTSD symptoms. This went on for about seven months before he made his mind to relocate from Louisiana to California until he heals completely. He left behind his two lovely dogs. While in California, he had positive changes in him but one thing called loneliness was killing him.

For him to recover from the PTSD, he knew that he had to move leaving behind his two dogs, but that was proving to be hard for him. He was used to them in that when he woke up each day in California and never saw them, he wished he would have them with him. He revealed that he always has a bad day if he never wakes up with the dogs by his side.

Two months went down the line, and it came a time for him to reunite back with the two dogs named Panda and Momma. But there was a barrier as there was no one to ferry them from Louisiana to California. This is where a kind lady named Mariah offered herself to drive all that distance to bring the two dogs to Joshua. For sure, the dogs were urgently in need for their owner, as they looked thin because of not eating well.



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