Talented Performers Go To Funky Town In Subway Station


New York City subway commuters are used to passing their time by staring down at their smartphones and burying their noses in social media. However, one lucky crowd got a chance to experience some real live entertainment after a group of talented musicians known as Lucky Chops made a surprise visit to the underground. This NYC brass band is known for putting on performances that are worthy of a dance-off, and their tunes will make your feet want to hit the ground running!

Lucky Chops plays all over the world and consistently sells out their concerts. Fortunately for this small crowd of bystanders, they got to experience a free show as they waited for their train to arrive. This talented group of guys laid down some serious grooves, and they’re as fun to watch as they are to listen to. At first, all eyes were on the bari-sax player, and he was the center of attention for good reason. The feisty young man impressed everyone with his amazing breath control as he bounced off the floor like the Energizer bunny!

The band’s high-energy intensity is fueled by their desire to share the inspirational power of music with others. Which means you’ll probably want to put on your dance shoes when you listen to their stunning “Mr. Saxobeat/Funkytown/I Feel Good” mashup. Even the band members couldn’t resist getting goofy with their own rhythms! Check out the video below to see why Lucky Chops is dancing and playing their way into people’s hearts. It’s no wonder these NYC commuters would rather miss their train than miss the opportunity to feel good in Funkytown.


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