She Taught Her Dog A Trick That Leaves Her Friend In STITCHES!


It’s important to always be thankful for what you have, and Honey the Shih Tzu has been taught to mind its manners before a meal and has the sweetest way to show how gracious she is.

In the video, the woman places the dog’s food down on the floor. Instead of quickly indulging and scarfing down dinner, this courteous pup is patient, waiting for the customary prayer to be over. The dog even sits on its hind legs and puts its paws out in front of it and looks like she’s praying, until its owner finally says, “Amen”.  But there’s more. When you find out what Honey and her owner pray for each night, it’ll melt your heart!

What a sweet dog. There are plenty of cool tricks you can teach your dog, but this one might be the best.

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