These Terrible Taxidermists Need To Study Their Animal Anatomy Again.


No matter how long people have been doing it, taxidermy is pretty creepy. As a profession, it must mess with your mental well-being, too. Stuffing dead animals so that people can hang them up in their houses or celebrate their hunting kills is just… awful.

These taxidermists must have finally suffered a mental break, because the final results of the subjects they were stuffing are just downright insane. Do they even know what these animals look like?

1.) I’m not even sure this is an actual animal.

2.) Vampire cheetah!

3.) This is supposed to be a lion. That is all that needs to be said.

4.) Good boy!

5.) The rare no-neck cheetah.

6.) He enjoyed too many Cokes at Christmas.

7.) Someone scared this animal right before it died.

8.) I’ve never seen a tiger look like a deer in the headlights.

9.) At least he has a badly stuffed friend.

10.) Hoo! Hoo! Who did this awful taxidermy?

11.) This is the king of the jungle?

12.) This is almost cartoonish.

13.) *Facepalm*

14.) This cat looks like it’s about to wink.

15.) Who takes the time to stuff roadkill?

16.) Aww, he looks guilty for doing something bad.

17.) I hope this doesn’t turn into a werewolf.

18.) I think this bear borrowed my grandma’s dentures.

19.) Quit monkeying around and make this poor animal look like an actual animal!

20.) Oh yea, foxes are known for just sitting on chairs and chilling.

21.) I think they should just let their family pets die. Sparky doesn’t need to live forever.


23.) Someone surprised this poor cat to death.


These animals are basically the opposite of life-like. I wouldn’t want to hang any of those up in my house. I can’t believe some are up in museums on display (and not ironically). You seriously need to show others these ridiculous animals. To do so, click on the button below!



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