Texas Firefighter Swiftly Thwarts Armed Robbery Attempt


The old saying goes, “Don’t mess with Texas.” Well, that holds especially true when it comes to Texas firefighters who also happen to be former marines. Daniel Gaskey was standing in line at a Midlothian, Texas gas station when an armed robber attempted to forcefully withdraw cash from the attendant. Instead of letting that happen, Gaskey took matters into his own hands and saved the day.

Upon seeing the assailant, Gaskey backed away with his arms up to give the impression he doesn’t want any trouble. Fortunately for the gas station employee, Gaskey’s passive appearance was all a façade, because the moment the robber let his guard down he was taken to the ground by the former marine, which is precisely where he would stay until the authorities arrived.

What did you think of Gaskey’s quick thinking? Let us know in the comments below and spread this video if you believe in the heroic instincts of firefighters and marines.



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