A Text Message Killed Her In A Deadly Crash. When I Saw What It Said, I Was Speechless!


In 2010, AT&T launched a campaign called “The Last Text” to educate consumers about the dangers of texting and driving.

The people you’re about to meet were brave enough to come forward with their stories. They know firsthand the tragedies that can occur within just a few seemingly innocent seconds.

Ashley would send hundreds of text messages every day. One day while driving, she looked down at a text from her sister. When she looked up, she had slid into the median and was ejected through the driver’s side door. She died. The text message that ultimately killed her?


Among other stories, you’ll hear from a young man who is permanently brain damaged because of a text message that said “where r.” “People don’t realize it can just take three seconds,” he says.

Forty-five states have made texting while driving illegal, and 14 prohibit the use of handheld cellphones while behind the wheel. But even strict laws and chilling advertisements can’t prevent all accidents.

The video below reveals tragic examples of what can happen when a driver gets distracted. We need to warn everyone of the dangers of texting and driving. Please SHARE this story to help save someone else’s life.



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