No, That’s Not Photoshop. It’s The World’s Smallest Woman And She Is TINY.


Some people may complain about their height, but honestly, they have no idea.

At 24 inches tall, Jyoti Amge is the size of an average 3-month-old baby. Amge, however, is not an infant. In fact, at 21-years-old, she’s old enough to have one of her own. Ever since she turned 18, which was back in 2011, Amge has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the World’s Smallest Woman. Before that, she was the World’s Smallest Teenager.

While Amge isn’t expected to get any taller, she still hopes to make it big in the film industry–whether it be in India’s Bollywood or America’s Hollywood.

Here she is at her official measuring.


Here she is with the man with the World’s Biggest Feet.


Jyoti back in her school days.

Waving to the crowd.


Despite all of the attention she’s received, Amge hasn’t let her ego get too big. Here she is posing for a photo with a fan.


Watch the video below to find out about her recent trip to the United States.


(via RedditDaily News/)

As little as Amge is, she isn’t the shortest woman that has ever lived. The shortest woman ever was Pauline Musters, who was an inch shorter than Jyoti.

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