That’s Not A Real Rocket Launcher, But These Homemade Army Men Costumes Will Blow You Away.


Very few people are capable of creating the perfect Halloween costume…but this couple managed it. Redditor BritishGreenRacing and his girlfriend went as plastic army soldiers for Halloween last year. They created the best living representations of the toys you would get in trouble for leaving in places where adults walked. Luckily for us, before they went on to win “Best Costume” at a Halloween party, they documented their in-costume trip to San Francisco. It’s amazing.

Two army soldiers casually waiting for their train to arrive.


Might as well have a fun photo shoot while they wait.


The bazooka was made out of a sewer pipe.


The telephone was crafted from a discarded electronics box.


Hopefully the train comes before they get mobbed by people wanting to take pictures with them… or the cops.


Looks like they made it. Cars must have slammed on their brakes to see what was going on.


I sure hope they looked both ways before posing.


(via Reddit)

Those costumes are going to put everyone to shame this Halloween. How could you even think about going the store-bought route after seeing what these two came up with? You might as well get started now and take off work to get the edge on this couple.



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