The 31-Year-Old Man Invited His 89-Year-Old Neighbor To Spend His Last Days With Him


One of the most exciting and unique stories of this time of year took place several years ago. They became best friends when a neighbor and a stranger showed the world the size of their hearts.

When Chris Salvatore was 31 years old, he moved to an unknown city. As a friendly neighbor, he introduced himself to an elderly woman from a neighboring family. Norma Cook was 89 years old and lived alone with her cat, Hermes. In the end, Chris offered to live with Norma because she needed constant care.

A few years later, when Norma was 89 years old, her health declined and Chris helped her. In addition to leukemia, her medical costs began to increase due to a number of health complications. So Christ created GoFundMe for Norma and donations started coming in.

Norma and Chris spent most of the day together enjoying each other. Be it pizza or champagne, they quickly became best friends and family.

Unfortunately, Norma died about four years after meeting Chris. However, his love and kindness reassured him.

“This morning I share with all my heart the news that the world has lost a truly inspiring and beautiful woman. Now Norma rests in peace forever, and although physically she cannot be with us physically, her spirit will still fill the hearts of many. Possibly the Legacy of Norma. Her legacy has helped the world see the true meaning of love. Norma reminded me that we are all made for love and that we all want to be loved. ”

Chris told TODAY that Norma considered him to be the grandson she never had, and he saw her as the most loving grandmother. This holiday season, remember that kindness and care for each other can change someone’s life. Even if they are simply a neighbor.



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