The Boy outwitted His Dad and Pulled The Money out of The Bottle without Touching Her


Our kids are full of stupidity and cunning, and we always know their jokes.

It looks like the boy in the video who tricked his father with a simple € 10 trick.

The boy’s YouTube gossip video is still a success. It has been watched by over 6.1 million viewers and many viewers are impressed by the boy’s ingenuity.

He argued with his father about 10 euros, saying that he could not touch the bottle with his hands and could not remove the banknote from under the bottle without turning the bottle. Dad tried first, but nothing came of it.

His father said nothing when his son taught him an easy way to solve the problem. The son earned 10 euros and the father only came up with an easy way to take care of his son in order to overcome the difficulties.



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