The couple spend a year rescuing a stray dog, and then a miracle happens


A comprehensive video of the abduction of a stray dog ​​has been posted online.

He had been there for two years, but he never dared to approach men and women. He preferred to see everything from a distance.

The Dodo,Youtube

Next to him, the authors of the video wrote that last year, almost every day, a stray dog ​​walked next to them. He was very worried that the dog would not have a roof over his head, because for many days it was cold and bad.

However, one day everything changed – during the walk, a real small miracle happened. The stray dog ​​first approached them and then followed them step by step. He even went to their house, where the directors took him in their own way. They adopted her and now they take care of her too. Judging by the dog’s feedback, he will be grateful.

Watch a cute video of a ferocious dog that plucked up the courage over the course of a year to get closer to its future owners. In the end, everything is fine!



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