The Dog Does Not Move When His Brother is Sick


There is also friendship between animals, nothing in the world can break.anything in the world.

So it was with the video in front of you, in which the ruler took two of his dogs. When they first met, they quickly became good friends.

The Dodo,Youtube

Sola the dog recently acquired a new animal – a small puppy named Tido. Unfortunately, Tido fell ill shortly thereafter, and the owner hurried with him to the vet. He said that dogs only have a 5% chance of survival.

Then there was a recovery, and Saul’s dog waited every day in front of the room where Tido was recovering. When his condition improved, they were able to hang out again.

After this friendship only grew stronger, Sola’s song followed Tido all the time. When you see this wonderful example of dog friendship, your heart will play too.



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