The girl tries to save the squirrel from the swimming pool, and the squirrel riots: “Let Me Save You!”


Saving squirrels with kindness is not a matter of the heart. Recently, a girl from Texas discovered an evil, cruel, evil friend trying to pull her out of an swimming pool.

The animal lover described in the video is too optimistic about the rescue operation before making a terrible and ridiculous mistake.


The video was posted on YouTube a few days ago, on June 7, and immediately became viral. Not surprising. This is one of the great moments on the Internet that you can look forward to and watch again. Then I shared this with my friends.

How to start this. A girl from Lumberton, Texas, wanted to get a little boy (or girl) out of the pool.

Not to mention the fact that her mother’s voice constantly warns. It is almost like intuition. Of course, the girl does not listen to her mother, and then everything … goes a little crazy.



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