The opera singer joined the pianist during the performance of the Italian song “Bella Ciao”


A few days ago, a video appeared on YouTube showing a stunning scene from an Italian restaurant.

There, the man sat down at the piano and began playing the Italian hit “Bella Ciao,” and during the performance another guest joined him.

The video, posted by user Wang on YouTube, has already become a huge hit – it has received more than half a million views on the network mentioned above alone, and there is no shortage of enthusiasm from commentators. .

“Bella Ciao” is an Italian partisan song that has already been translated into more than 40 languages. This song is sung all over the world and is considered the song of all oppressed workers and nations. The song was originally sung by oppressed rice farmers in northern Italy.

A pianist plays the above song on the piano in an Italian restaurant, which is soon joined by an opera singer among the customers. Listen to a stunning concert in a restaurant where a pianist and an opera singer perform the Italian hit “Bella Ciao” together.



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