The Puppies Are Having Their First Solid Meal It Is A Party Indeed


When it comes to living with the Freer family, one things you will learn about them is that they spare no expense to make sure that the family gives the best to the dogs they raise. In the video below, you are going to see them wean the puppies after feeding them on milk and liquid meals for 4 weeks. The dogs have such a wonderful time eating the solid food for the first time.From the look on their faces, you can just feel their passion for the new diet.

They also eat in an orderly fashion, no fight for food; it is every dog with his own plate, including the mother. They intend to keep one of the puppies. They will give out the rest for adoption. They have even let theirdaughter give it a name to prepare her to let the others go. It is very easy to develop a strong bond with all your pets, which will make the parting moment more difficult. If you also happen to be a little kid, it becomes a big deal.



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