The video shows a cat seeing his late owner’s photo on the phone


With a video posted on social media and several news sites such as Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet, Mynet, Yurt, CNN Türk, Oda TV, Yeni Şafak, it was claimed that a cat saw his late owner’s photo on a mobile phone and tried to make the screen pet itself. Besides, the video was broadcasted on Show TV Prime News.

However, the claim which states that the cat’s owner passed away and the cat saw his late owner is not true. The video was uploaded on YouTube in 2016 for a competition. The cat whose owner is alive sees a video that shows a cat and a turtle on a mobile phone’s screen.

The owner of the cat in the video is alive
Sevilay Deryal, the owner of the video which has gone viral on social media, made an explanation to and in it she stated that she uploaded the video on YouTube in 2016. The video, which was uploaded on 8 April 2016, can be watched here in HD format;



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