Therapist Is Caught Abusing An Autistic Boy


Three-year-old Caeden Lowe suffers from serious autism, and cannot communicate with his parents. He was, however, enrolled in ongoing therapy sessions through Autism Intervention Milwaukee, an organization that offers diagnostic and behavioral treatment for children on the autism spectrum, along with training and support for parents. When Caeden showed no improvement, his mother Stephanie decided to install a camera to see what happened during these therapy sessions.  What she found was horrifying.

Therapist Stephen Jacobs had to undergo background checks and training before being hired by Autism Intervention Milwaukee, and none of these nor his references turned up any reason to be suspicious. Frighteningly, Jacobs also works with another autism group and volunteers at a local elementary school. Milwaukee police are now investigating to see if there are other potential victims. Jacobs told police he was studying for college exams, and had no recollection of abusing Caeden.
Emily Levine, executive director at Autism Society of Wisconsin, has referred families to Autism Intervention Milwaukee and had never encountered any issues in the past. She does caution, however, that families should trust their instincts and do their own research into any organization they opt to work with. AIM, who has since fired Jacobs, is re-evaluating all their therapists and reaching out to parents for any other abuse allegations.

viral tales is horrified whenever we find stories of abuse against the helpless, and we urge awareness. We’re glad that Caeden is now safe from his alleged abuser, and we hope he will be able to get the help he needs from a caring therapist. Do you have any tips for parents of children on the autism spectrum? Let us know in our comments section.




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