There’s One Beach In The Caribbean You Might Want To Avoid In The Future…


There’s a beach in the Caribbean that may look beautiful, but only the daring care to visit. Maho Beach is located on the Dutch side of St. Martin island (which is in the country of Sint Marteen) in the Caribbean. This beach attracts tourists from all over the world. It has beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters…

And one unique, dangerous feature that’ll send most tourists packing.



Maho beach is famous for being located ridiculously close to Princess Juliana International Airport. The landing strip to Runway 10 is only about 7,500 feet-long, so the aircraft landing there must touch down as soon as possible… resulting in the extremely low altitude when flying over sunbathing tourists.



The nearby airport warns tourists that the jet engines may result in physical harm (and/or death)…


They aren’t kidding.


Ever have sand kicked in your face?

We bet this is way worse.




Thankfully, the jets keep a safe distance from the beach (even though it looks as if they are going to crash-land every time). As a result, Maho beach is a spectacular place for plane-spotters and dare devils. Getting hit in the face with buckets of sand at high speed might be totally worth this amazing experience.

Some of these photos are just amazing:





(Josef Hoflehner via LikeisaBanana)

So pack your bags (and maybe some goggles to protect your eyes) if you feel like going on a daring beach adventure. Many people have visited Maho beach without being sucked into a turbine, so you’ll be fine (probably). Click on the button below to share this epic beach with others.



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