These Dogs Are Home Alone – Take It Upon Themselves To Get The House Ready For Christmas


There’s this video that was uploaded back in 2008, and it has since garnered over 15 million views. What could make a video achieve such attention and popularity if not sheer creativity and uniqueness? You want to find out!

In fact, it’s the creative spirit of these dogs and the very unique action in the video that’s always heating up the internet. By the time this video hits the last mark, you’ll be wishing you had such smart cuties in your home!

So what did they do? These dogs were all calm and unsuspicious when mom and dad left them in house, but they switched that up with huge doses of actionable creativity to spice up the Christmas mood around the house. The main target? The Christmas tree!

The canines decided to task themselves with the noble job of decorating the tree with all the sparkling ornaments they could find. They actually had to come up with a stunning idea to reach the top of the tree. You won’t believe it!



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