Eggs puzzle for brain games which will few of us will get it right


Way to kill time is to sit down to show off some puzzles and puzzles. No matter how tired I am, spending an hour with my book in Sudoku always wakes me up with a clear mind.

Humans today are full of things we need to do in our brain, such as washing clothes, washing dishes, picking up children, and many other small things that require our attention. What can I tell you? Being an independent adult is definitely great, but exhausting.

All we need to do is take a break from time to time to clear our minds. Exercising the brain regularly, such as walking everyday or jogging once or twice a week, is healthy.

The mind has two functions, the first is happiness, and the most important thing for the brain to do the right exercise is to relax all the muscles in the body. Second job, actual exercise. In general, crossword puzzles and sudoku are the easiest and most popular puzzles from newspapers.

Thanks to the internet, there are endless puzzles and and challenges at our disposal today.

Logical thinking

The puzzle below is like thousands of people trying to fix their hair. However, this is not easy, and if you really focus and think about it, you should be able to do it.

How many eggs did you put in?

Here comes the secret of today. Look at the next picture.


I have six eggs.


She broke both.

Cook for two.

I ate two.

How many eggs did you put in?

Can You Answer? Think carefully and read the puzzle many times. We will show you the correct answer below

Here is the answer

The correct answer is 4.

How? Well, if I had six eggs. Then I broke, cooked, and ate two of them, and I had four more eggs. The text was written to fool you into thinking that the eggs were all gone. Clever, right?

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