Think This Is A Normal Wedding? Think Again. What You’re About To See Is Truly Amazing.


Like any mother would,  Janice Di Joseph wants to give her daughter the best life she can. Putting a smile on Ricchina’s face is an important part of Janice’s day. The only thing that’s a little different about this mother-daughter relationship is that Ricchina has Down Syndrome.

Over the years, Janice’s little girl began to notice she was different than her peers. After attending other weddings with her mother, Ricchina would ask why she wasn’t getting married. Janice would never know what to say, so she decided to give her baby girl the wedding she always wanted for her 25th birthday.

The pair happened to bump into Lindsay Morris, a photographer, on the train. When she discovered what this mother was doing for her daughter, she just had to photograph it. The moments she captured were absolutely magical.

(H/T Slate)

You can see more of Ricchina’s wonderful day at Lindsay’s photography website. So many people spent so much time and energy making sure that this special girl didn’t feel like an outsider. It’s wonderful. Individuals with Down Syndrome and other disabilities should be treated with the same love and respect that everyone else is.

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