This Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial about puppy and horse is guaranteed to make you cry


People like watching TV for some soap operas and other TV shows because they are very interesting. If you do watch the television a lot, then probably you have seen Super Bowl. The Budweiser Super Bowl commercials are wildly popular for their famous Clydesdales. But what happens when one of these majestic Clydesdales befriends an adorable Golden Retriever puppy? there’s absolutely nothing cuter than this combination! This classic Super Bowl XLVIII ad deserves to be watched even if you’ve already seen it numerous times.

The commercial begins at Warm Springs Puppy Adoption where one tiny pup keeps sneaking out to spend some time with her best friend, the neighbor’s horse. The puppy keeps doing this over and over only to make her way back by the horse’s side. Then one day, the adorable puppy gets adopted. The heartbroken pup is being rehomed and driving away in a car when the Clydesdale jumps the fence and chases after her! There’s no coming between best friends and true love.

Watch the heartwarming ad in the video below:



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