They Thought She Was A Monster. At 3:36, She Proved Them All Wrong. I’m In Tears.


Seeing a dog terrified and alone is hard to watch, but this video had such a happy ending it was definitely worth it! When Hope for Paws found Bunny, she had been abandoned by her owners in a remote stretch of land and had crawled under a fence onto government property. She was too terrified to come to the rescuers to get the help she needed, and they had to resort to some drastic measures.

Be sure to keep watching past the heartbreaking beginning, because what happens around 3:30 made my heart smile BIG TIME! Hearing that wagging tail banging against the wall made me laugh, and what she did at 3:36 is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen a rescued dog do. Scroll through the gallery below and then watch the whole video at the bottom of the page.

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When rescuers first found her, she was so terrified she kept her tail between her legs and wouldn’t let them near her.



The only way they could get her to safety was to set a trap. It was so scary for her, but it was only for a moment, and at least it was baited with her favorite food: cheeseburgers!




Moments after being let out of the trap, she knew her rescuers were only trying to help. Look at that tail wag!



She was so appreciative that she showed her love the best way she knew how… by resting her head in her hero’s lap.



Bunny is at her foster home now, and her tail hasn’t stopped wagging once! Scroll down to see the whole video, and don’t forget to share!





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