They Thought It Was Safe In The Car Until They Discovered A Lion Could Do THIS…


The closest thing I’ve had to experiencing a wildlife safariis the one at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Many of those animals are animatronic, so there’s no real danger.

Though wild animals are completely unpredictable, you’d feel pretty safe being around them if you were inside a car, right? Though I know how terrifyingly vicious lions can be, I don’t think I’d be too scared of them, so long as there was a door separating us. After all, it’s not like one of nature’s most dangerous predators has opposable thumbs to open a door and get inside.

YouTube user Joshua Sutherland posted this video of his harrowing encounter with wild lions when he and his sisters, Kaylene and Cindy, visited their parents while they were working on a mission in South Africa. It was a beautiful day of observing some of nature’s most majestic animals, including (probably) some giraffes, antelopes, and other large cats — but it all took a turn and gave them a fright they’ll never forget.

They never expected a wild lion could do the amazing thing it did…

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As they drove by the lions, the big cats seemed serene and nonplussed by the car’s presence.


Though one female lion did stand up and approach them.



They initially drove away when she got too close, but she still pursued.




And what happens next? You’ll just have to watch the video!


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