Three-Legged Mini Pony Gets Second Chance At Life


Shortly after Angel the mini horse was born, her mom accidentally crushed one of her legs. Her owners had two choices – put her down or amputate her leg. Brenda and Lennie Green chose the latter and saved the horse’s life.

The couple, who run the Double B Equine Rescue in the western Maine town of Industry, have dedicated their lives to rescuing and caring for horses in need. They refused to see the poor baby put down and went above and beyond to save the pony. Nursing her back to health means a lot more work, but the Greens wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Everything deserves a chance in life,” Lennie said.

When Gail Fitzmaurice and Bob Gallagher at Maine Orthotic and Prosthetic Rehab heard about Angel, they offered to handcraft a prosthetic leg for the horse. They will continue to make her new ones as she grows.

“She’s been wonderful to work with. She is the sweetest animal in the world. I think she really knows that we’re trying to help her out,” Gallagher said.

The Greens depend solely on donations to keep the barn doors open at the Double B and are using this money to also help fund Angel’s rehabilitation and special care needs.

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