A Three Legged Pooch Tries On A PAWsthetic Doll Hand… And She’s Tickling Me With It!


Chacha the Chihuahua has a playful and caring human named Matt who knows exactly how to give her a hand. When Chacha was just a puppy she broke her little paw. Veterinarians were then forced to amputate the paw because the blood vessels were far too small to successfully reattach it.


But years later ChaCha is going about as if having three paws was the original plan.


One day Matt found the perfect little hand-me down accessory for ChaCha, he thought that it would be of good cheer to give her a little added “help” for a moment.


ChaCha tried on a doll hand for her nub—and she was amused by it too.


“She’s been missing that paw since she was 8 weeks old,” Matt said. “At the time of the pictures she was 9 years old, so it doesn’t bother her. As far as the hand, it was just a doll hand I found at a thrift store and it just [happened] to fit on her nubbin perfect. It’s not like we left it on there or anything, just stuck it on and took a few pictures.”



We are so glad that Matt took these pictures, because we wouldn’t want to have missed this!







Bye ChaCha!

Credit: Huffington Post  



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