Three Women Bow Their Heads. When The Music Starts


knew that gymnasts are an especially strong andtalented group of athletes, but that didn’t prepare me for what these three young women did!

The 2014 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships in Paris hosted hundreds of amazing gymnasts, but this female trio from Poland really blew me away. Karolina Nowak, Marta Srutwa, and Agnieszka Rawinis look like your average teenage girls, but the strength and flexibility they display seems almost superhuman. Their tiny bodies pack a ton of muscle, but you would never know it until they start performing their routine. They use each other like human ladders and balance beams to perform feats that I honestly didn’t even know were possible!

At :20, I started holding my breath, and at 2:19, I thought for sure someone was going to have to call an ambulance (I mean, are human bodies even supposed to bend that way?!). But these young woman handled this insane routine with the poise and grace of someone taking an easy afternoon walk…or at least, that’s how they made it look! I’d love to see this division of gymnastics in the next Olympics, but for now I guess I’ll have to watch the 2010 competitors from Ukraine.

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