He Was Thrown Away Like Trash. When You See Him Today, You’ll Cry Tears Of Joy.


Some of the images here may be very disturbing to see — but rest assured, the ending is a happy one, and it’s worth it. Patrick the dog was severely abused in the beginning of his life. He wasn’t fed, wasn’t cared for, and was tied to a railing for almost a week before someone wrapped him in a trash bag and stuffed him down a garbage shoot. The garbage truck was just about to take him away when someone stepped in and realized there was a living creature in among all the trash.

After Patrick was rescued and taken to a shelter, it took weeks for him to put on weight, and to trust people again, but once things started to turn around, he recovered faster than anyone thought he would!

Now Patrick is a happy, healthy pup who’s got a new lease on life! Please think about adopting whenever possible – these dogs are so ready to be loved!

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